We believe that a well designed graphic will always become a classic.

The Last Temptation of Christ

The original assignment from Martin Scorsese was for a film poster. After an enthusiastic response to the concept, we adapted the poster graphics for use as the opening title sequence of the film. The end result was a design that blended advertising with the film itself, creating a strong visual identity.

Watch the opening title sequence.


The Belmont Stakes

Throughout a long association with The New York Racing Association, we designed numerous posters, collateral and promotional material.

This poster brings the thunder and power of this classic Triple Crown race to life.


This popular campaign featuring various watches for both men and women. Large product photography and a heartwarming lifestyle image and tagline, helped to produced a universal message.

This success was the inspiration of a comment from a salesperson, "We don't have enough people to answer questions about the watches!"

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