When it comes to promotion, looks are everything. This may be your only opportunity to engage with your audience. Online or in print, a strong message and graphics are essential for creating a memorable relationship with your audience.

Simple and elegant. The little black brochure.


The Friends of the Choir, Inc., Albany, NY
It has been a unique pleasure to create performance material for this renowned choir. Through a long association, we have produced concert promotion campaigns, packaging for recordings and material for web and social media.

Charles Thomas O'Neil, Painter
When Charles Thomas O'Neil required a new catalog for his Recent Work gallery show, we created something with a little bit of a twist. Instead of a painting on the cover, we chose to feature his signature, a beautiful graphic in its own right. Focusing on textures from the paintings as full page images and incorporating a strip of painting to evoke cloth tape binding, the final catalog was clean, graphic and focused, complimenting the art.


Napier Brand History Book
Founded in 1875, Napier is the oldest brand of U.S. manufactured jewelry. This black and white book recalls it's rich history.

The cover features our updated brand logo and its predecessors.

The goal of this ad campaign was to allow clients to "rest assured" that they could do what they loved while their financial interests were being carefully managed. Black and white photography with a dreamlike soft edge, elegant typography and generous white space gives this series an inviting and comforting presence.

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